Trying to put on pants while drunk

its doomed, hopeless,
And pointless.
But if you really do want to be with someone, how much should that matter exactly?

And I’m sorry if I wasted your time
But all life is, is time being wasted. But what matters is how you choose to waste your time. And with who.

And if I walk away in the end, holding back tears as I realise that we made the best of the time that we barely even had, and think “shit, it will take me a while to get over you”, I’d be good

Hell, if you told me that this meant nothing to you, that all lovely things you said to me were pretend and that you want to move on and I’m holding you back, I’d be fine

But this shit we’re in now is killing me

Because it just feels so damn meaningless, and its hard because you mean a lot to me

And i know that we’re just trying to push each other away

And then my feelings for you might grow into nothing

And that would be a waste

Because I finally thought I felt something real

I wish the pills would kick in already

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Busta Rhymes lmao